Establishment of Joyrambati Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Math and Mission on July 1972 (In the day of Ratha Yatra).

After 10 years on 1982 the "Joyrambati Ramkrishna Sarada Mission Trust" has been established.


Joyrambati Ramkrishna Sarada Mission Trust
P.O. - Joyrambati
P.S. - Kotalpur
Dist. – Bankura

+91 9434362080
+91 8348936688

About Mission Trust

Swami Shibarupa Nanda Maharaj

Founder: Swami Shibarupa Nanda Maharaj

God Father: Swami Bireswara Nanda Maharaj (10th President of Ramakrishna Belur Math)

Joyrambati Sri Ramkrishna Sarada Math and Mission was established on July 1972 in a special day that is Ratha Yatra. After 10 years of journey on 1982 the math and mission has established a trust with the name "Joyrambati Ramkrishna Sarada Mission Trust"

The trust have enriched their activities in educational development through teachers training and schooling of primary as well as high level. The trust have big hostel with gorgeous food and lodging facility. Old age home also a project implemented by the trust. Most of the religious activities are carried out by the trust to engage the common local as well as global people all over the globe.

The trust is fully run and managed by the donations comes from various sectors.